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Once every few years there is a special year that is remembered by wine aficionados as a vintage year that simply cannot be forgotten. It usually happens twice every ten years. Typically, wine from a good vintage develops slowly and only after five years can its uniqueness be realized.  The 2008 vintage was characterized by exceptional weather conditions, starting from a cold winter which gave the fruit a uniform appearance as the vineyard blossomed.

The grapes’ ripening was unified and gradual, a fact that allowed the phenolic ripeness to develop better-than-adequately.  All this resulted in a particularly top-quality wine, a quality we noticed early on, even while it was in the barrel and developing in the bottles. The wine continued to develop in bottles, before being sold commercially, for an additional two years.  The wine is dry, has a dark purple color, and has a faint scent of tobacco. Its flavor intensifies in the mouth, and every taste offers the palate a unique and new taste.


  • IsraWinExpo 2012 –  Outstanding
  • SauvignonForum 2012, Czech Republic –  Gold Medal

Production Process

The Cabernet Sauvignon was harvested in August at 26 Brix. The grapes reached excellent ripeness and phenolic maturity. Before adding the yeast, the must was immersed for 48 hours to obtain the skins’ color and aroma. After that, the temperature was increased and the yeast added. 20 days of alcoholic fermentation and full Malolactic fermentation were carried out before the wine was transferred to barrel-ageing French oak, mostly new, for 18 months.

Additional information

Additional information





Varietal Composition

100% Cabernet Sauvignon





Aging Potential




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