Petit Verdot 2010



It might be the underdog grape in Bordeaux  but it certainly isn't here.  Petit Verdot 2010 is one of the Winery's main stars and people favorite.

The Petit Verdot grapes ripen fairly late in comparison to the other varieties that grow within the vineyard. The climate conditions in Kedesh Valley, particularly the strong sun during the day and cold during the night, as well as the fertile soil are especially suitable for the development of the grapes and generate intense purple colors and unique aromas. The wine is full-bodied, with heavy tannins and especially fruity, yet still represents a soft, velvety wine that is enjoyable to drink even without being accompanied by food.

Production Process

The small Petit Verdot grapes were harvested slowly at the end of September, after almost all other grape varieties have been picked. The grapes were harvested at 25 Brix. The extraction of the Petit Verdot’s strong color happens very quickly, which is why we let the fermentation progress reach high temperatures. Following the fermentation process, we left the skins together with the wine, prior to the squeezing.  The Petit Verdot was barrel-aged in new French Oak for a period of 12 months.

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