Visitor Center

  • אירוע אביב ביקב רמות נפתלי

In 2009, Ramot Naftaly Winery opened a new visitor center. In this center, Visitors can closely follow the wine production process. You can taste our wine selection and enjoy a guided tour in the winery. You will also be able to witness the wine production stages, from the grapes in the vineyard, through the various production and aging procedures, and up to the final product. Known for festive celebrations and musical performances, the visitor center can also hold private events of up to 100 people.  You are welcome to join us and enjoy a unique and personal experience, full of color, flavor and aroma, in this peaceful and pastoral location in the Upper Galilee. We are able to deliver wine to any destination in Israel.

The visitor center is open during weekdays, please  schedule your visit in advance.

Opening Hours:

SUN-THU: 9:00-17:00

FRI: 9:00-15:00

Saturday and Jewish Holidays: Closed